I would like to cover this in more breadth and depth at a later hour/date, but for now:

So. The biggest announcement in particle physics in our lifetimes. How amazing is this?!

The best part of it to my mind is that the evidence is at only 126.5 GeV, so the LHC should be able to keep producing them relatively easy to produce making them more straightforward to study. Obviously this is important for making sure that we have the Higg’s, but  also for investigating it further, to help probe the standard model.

It’s such an amazing age we live in, that 2 weeks after finishing taking data it can be shown that a new particle has been discovered, which could tell us in the near future how the scalar fields which gives everything mass works. This will probably be the biggest science announcement of at least my lifetime, and it also shows that experimental particle physics really has reached a new era.

Once again, this is truly a red letter day in physics, and I’m looking forward to the rest of today and this week.

More later with any luck…

Here’s a picture of Prof. Higgs, who deserves the World’s congratulations today!