It seems as if today is an anti EDL day, which can’t be a bad thing. Having spent this morning at a vegetarian fair in Hove (about the most middle class way I could have started today) I was handed an interesting leaflet on a sort of anti protest. It seems a little bit like pair production in particle physics in a way, a group decides to have a protest, then a group with a pretty much diametrical ideology decides to have a protest to try and render the first one impotent, one exists because the other does, and they will (preferably) meet and annihilate (though I may be jumping the gun a little when I say annihilate..).

Okay, so the analogy isn’t great, but I quite like the poetry of it.

Later on I discovered this fantastic website, which has a slightly different approach to countering the groups movements, which personally, I really like. Rather than blabbing on about it, just have a look at the link (and try and post their link somewhere if you can, I think their campaign should be supported by everyone!):

Anyway, anyone in the Brighton area should join the anti protest (21st april 2013), as the EDL are a shower of intolerant bastards: